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How do I get started?

Simply click the Register button up the top, fill out your details and that’s it.
We’ll send you a confirmation email, and you’re off and running.

What does it cost?

It doesn’t cost anything at all, unless you don’t actually do any surveys, then you might have to pay for your phone bill!

How will I be rewarded?

By answering survey questions, you’ll receive points that can be exchanged for credits with your telecommunications provider, reducing your phone bill.

Why do you need my personal information?

First of all, so we can communicate with you, and secure your account.
Second of all, so we can ensure you only receive surveys that are relevant to your particular circumstances. No point sending you surveys about child care, for example, if you don’t have any children.

How do I know my privacy is protected?

Because we follow a strict code of conduct (Click here for more details) we’re independently audited, and if we didn’t secure your privacy we’d be out of business.

How do I stop the service?

Just sign in to your account, and unsubscribe.


How much will I earn?

It depends on the length of the survey. A survey that takes less than two minutes will pay 25c (or MYR1 for Malaysia’s panellist), one over 20 minutes, over $2 (or up to MYR8).

Who will pay me?

You’ll be paid in points, and once you reach the $20 (or MYR30 for Malaysia’s panellist) threshold a credit will be made to your phone account.

How do I redeem my rewards?

You don’t! We do that for you. Once your account hits $20 (or MYR30 for Malaysia’s panellist), we’ll automatically credit it against your phone bill.

How much credit will I get for my phone bill?

You can exchange points for credit on your phone bill, however, how much credit you get depends on your provider. As above, the points transfer to dollars, and at $20 (or MYR30 for Malaysia’s panellist) we’ll let your provider know so that they can credit your bill.

Why have my points disappeared?

If you have not completed a survey for quite some time, your unused points may become inactive. Don’t worry! They’re still there. Just send an email to support(at) and we’ll reactivate your points. If you are inactive for a very long time, however, your registration in the panel may be deleted, and your points will be lost.

Why is there a negative on my account?

If you answer a survey untruthfully, or in a way that’s been determined as ‘bad’ then you may receive a deduction of points in your account, or a negative balance.
  • Speed
    We know how long it should take to complete every survey, and if you complete it in a time that’s inconsistent with our expectations, you won’t get any points, and you may even be terminated from the panel.
  • Inconsistent or inaccurate answers
    If you’re consistently inaccurate with your answers, you won’t get any points, and you may even be terminated from the panel.
  • Red herrings
    Some questions may be repeated in slightly different ways. If you’re answers prove inconsistent you won’t get any points, and you may even be terminated from the panel.
  • Open ended questions
    Sometimes a written answer is required, as opposed to simply clicking a button. If the written answer contains inappropriate language, doesn’t make sense or simply doesn’t answer the question you won’t get any points, and you may even be terminated from the panel.


How many surveys will I be sent?

It’s variable, however on average you can expect, roughly, one to seven surveys a week.

Why is the survey sometimes closed?

Because we only need a certain amount of responses to each survey, and if you’re late to the party, we may have achieved our quota and closed the survey. Also, some survey close automatically because not enough people have decided to answer the questions. Both of these situations can occur, even if you’re half way through a survey, sorry!

What is the Cint Insight Exchange?

It’s the software platform we use to run our surveys. Established in 1998, Cint is a Swedish company that’s now the largest insight exchange business in the world.

Why have I been moved to another survey?

Probably because we’ve received all the responses we need for that survey, you just weren’t quick enough! So rather than leave you hanging, we’ve moved you to another survey that fits with your profile. Or, you could have been screened out.

What does a ‘screen out’ mean?

If you get screened out, it means you’ve answered a question that put you outside the target market for the survey. If this occurs, you may be redirected to another survey that fits your profile. Unfortunately you won’t get any points for surveys where you’ve been screened out. Sorry!

Why am I getting an error message?

It could be for either of the following reasons.
  1. Cookies.
    If you don’t have cookies enabled we don’t know it’s you, so we’ll raise an error message.
  2. Timed Out
    If you leave a survey open for a while without finishing it, you’ll be timed out from the survey, and you won’t not be able to restart it.

Why doesn't the survey link work?

It’s probably because you don’t have cookies enabled. To switch them on, google ‘How to switch on cookies for (insert your browser name and version)’.

Why am I not getting any surveys?

It’s possible your profile just isn’t matching with any of the surveys we have right now.
Make sure you’ve answered all the questions on your profile, as the more information we have, the better we can match you to a survey.

Why did you ask same question twice?

Sometimes we’ll ask a question or two before you get into the survey – just to make sure it matches your profile, and then we’ll grant you access. Once you’re into the survey, you’ll probably get asked the same question again, as your answer the first time around wasn’t recorded - it was just your ticket to enter – sorry!

How long does it take to complete a survey?

It’s variable, and could be anywhere from five minutes, to thirty minutes.

Can I answer surveys on a mobile?

Yes you can, but you have to have cookies enabled.

Account Details

How do I change my details?

Sign in to your account. You can change anything you like in there, except your email address.

How do I change my email address?

As an extra layer of security, you can’t change your email address within your actual account. You need to email support (at), telling us what your existing email address is, and what you’d like to change it to. You’ll also need to tell us your postcode, and year of birth, so we know it’s really you!

What if I lose my password?

No problem, just click ‘Sign In’ at the top of the page, click ‘Forgot Password?’ and follow the prompts.

Who do I contact if something is wrong?

If you can’t find the answer in this FAQ page, then please email support (at)

How do I cancel my account?

Easy. Just sign in, hit unsubscribe, and follow the prompts. Make sure you use all your points before you do though!